Health Data Vision Inc. invites you to join our upcoming webinar "The Rx for Your IVA Headache," on February 2 or 16. We are excited to share our unique approach as an IVA Auditor, which incorporates our collection, coding, packaging and project management capabilities along with our MRCS enterprise application.  We will also review the challenges raised in our ongoing survey for the 2016 inaugural IVAs and how HDVI addresses those specific concerns.

It is not too late to respond to our IVA survey and and have your successes, challenges, issues and concerns incorporated into our IVA webinar. We greatly value your input so as a thank you for completing our survey, HDVI will donate $5 to the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles. The Helping Hands Fund helps Children’s Hospital Los Angeles ensure that all of their patients receive the critical, lifesaving care they need.



During the webinar, we will discuss:

  • Keys to success executing this critical process
  • How a technology provide greater control and visibility
  • Lessons learned that should be applied as you look towards the next audit cycle
  • How HDVI can support you with our technology and services.

Register today for The Rx for Your IVA Headache as there are a limited number of seats available for each webinar.

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