On Wednesday, January 6, 2021, CMS confirmed the HHS-RADV-IVA 2019 Benefit Year Audit Sample Report Run Schedule. The First (preliminary) Sample Run was executed on 1/7/21. CMS released the RADV report command to the EDGE (External Data Gathering Environment) servers to run the HHS-RADV-IVA Sampling Reports.

CMS released the second (final) run Tuesday, January 19, 2021. Issuer’s were to execute the RADV report command by 10:00am ET. Issuer’s began receiving their HHS-RADV-IVA Sample reports via their EDGE Server.

HHS-RADV-IVA Sample Reports will be available to the IVA Entity on Friday, January 22, 2021. IVA Entities will receive a notification email when the reports are available in the CMS Audit Tool. The IVA Entity Senior Officials (SOs) and the IVA Entity Coordinators will have access to the sampling reports for all their contracted Issuer and associated HIOS IDs. Please note, if an Issuer was delayed with the execution of the RADV command on 1/19/21 or if the command failed, there may be a delay in the access to the Sample reports in the CMS Audit Tool.

If you have not selected your IVA Entity, please be sure to reach out to Reveleer for an HHS-RADV-IVA demo. 

For questions regarding the 2019 Benefit Year & 2020 Benefit Year HHS-RADV Activities Timeline, you may email Reveleer at PayerCommunity@reveleer.com


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