Is your health plan subject to Department of Health and Human Services Risk Adjustment Data Validation (HRADV) audits under the Affordable Care Act? If so, are you still using manual means to prepare for an HRADV audit 

There’s good news if you are still relying on people-powered audit preparationby partnering with an HRADV initial validation audit (IVA) company like Reveleer, you can use technology to simplify preparationand obtain accurate results 


Advancing HRADV Technology Won’t Wait for You – You Must Keep Up  

In almost every profession, except perhaps the performing arts, doing things manually when others are using tools puts you at a disadvantage that deepens the further behind you get technologically. When the technology gap becomes big enough, you could even find yourself regulated out of business. For example, there is a reason why you can’t find a dentist anymore who still uses a bottle of whiskey and a pair of pliers. He’s not just obsolete. If he gets caught, there’s a good chance he’ll be in trouble, too. 

For health plans subject to HRADV audits, the situation is the sameStaying competitive in this era of value-based medicine and benchmark comparisons is not the only reason to invest in the latest technology. It can also avoid trouble. Especially today, when the Federal government is intensely scrutinizing health plan claims for improper payments, technology-assisted HRADV-IVA preparation gives you audit peace of mind that manual preparation cannot.  

Use Technology to Maximize HRADV Audit Compliance 

How exactly does the use of technology provides more accurate HRADV audit outcomes? Here are five ways it gives you compelling advantages: 

  • Scalability: Accessing large volumes of healthcare data is not as difficult as it used to beHRADV audit software is a force multiplier that unlocks the potential of existing personnel to maximize data collection activities. 
  • Accuracy: Human beings, when processing large amounts of data through repetitive processes like manual record reviews, eventually become physically and mentally fatigued. This leads to coding inaccuracies and errors in clinical documentation and claim submissions. Compare this to an NLP-driven software, which thrives on data and never gets tired. Indeed, the more data it gathers, the better it performs.  
  • Interoperability: Healthcare data sources are not always compatible with each other. Technology overcomes the problem of data silos – information scattered across multiple databases, networks, and other systems – by reading data in structured and unstructured forms like medical images, test results, and physicians notes. It then integrates all these scattered data points into a comprehensive pool of mineable information.  
  • Productivity: NLP-driven software for HRADV-IVA not only mitigates the risk of human error, it also helps avoid HRADV inaccuracies. 

With the availability of HRADV-IVA partners like Reveleer and its advanced and scalable NLP-driven software, the age of laborious, time-consuming, expensive, and mistake inviting manual HRADV auditis over.  

Contact us today to discuss your HRADV audit needs and to request a demo of our HRADV compliance software. 

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Reveleer is a healthcare-focused, technology-driven workflow, data, and analytics company that uses natural language processing (NLP) and artificial intelligence (AI) to empower health plans and risk-bearing providers with control over their Quality Improvement, Risk Adjustment, and Member Management programs. With one transformative solution, the Reveleer platform allows plans to independently execute and manage every aspect of enrollment, provider outreach, data retrieval, coding, abstraction, reporting, and submissions. Leveraging proprietary technology, robust data sets, and subject matter expertise, Reveleer provides complete record retrieval and review services, so health plans can confidently plan and execute programs that deliver more value and improved outcomes. To learn more about Reveleer, please visit