We have exciting news to share! For the past few months we have been preparing the transition to our new company identity. This included a new company name, a new logo, and an update to our company core values.

Why the Change?

Our decision to transition to a new company identity was driven by our desire to realign our brand as a technology-forward company that is always innovating and solving real and complex challenges within our industry.

Our Mission

We, Reveleer, are on a mission to accelerate insight-based healthcare through a hyper-connected platform that provides transparency, choice and control within government sponsored healthcare.

A critical component of how we plan to achieve our mission is our commitment to building community.  Our community includes our customers, our partners and our employees. All of these valuable community members come together in our platform to enrich the way we solve some of healthcare’s largest challenges - together.

This week, we are finally unveiling our new identity to the world and beginning our new chapter as Reveleer, a company that is Driven by Community.

Our New Logo


Our logo was inspired by the sociable weaver birds. These very resilient birds build the largest nests of any bird, some of which house as many as 300 birds. Some of these nests remain occupied for 100 years.

The sociable weaver birds are creators and protectors. They foster community.

Our New Company Name


We seek to reveal new ways to solve challenges and to guide our customers to the best solutions. We steer the course in the right direction and move together with technology-forward solutions.

Our Core Values

We are very proud to be Driven by Community, and to embrace our values to better serve our customers across all lines of business, through our software and our services:

1. Think “Customer First”

2. Make Every Moment Matter

3. Foster Community

We would like to take this moment to thank all our customers for their support. We are very proud to serve managed care organizations, large and small, nationwide and our honored to have the opportunity to improve member outcomes together.

Join us in our new chapter as Reveleer.



About The Author

Reveleer is a healthcare software and services company that empowers payers in all lines of business to take control over their risk adjustment and quality improvement programs. The Reveleer platform enables payers to independently execute and manage every aspect of provider outreach, retrieval, coding, abstraction and reporting – all under one single platform. Leveraging its technology, proprietary data sets, and subject matter expertise, Reveleer also assists payers with full record retrieval and review services to support financial performance and improved member outcomes.