Reveleer continue innovation in the Medical Record Retrieval and Review industry by working with Datapipe to provide HIPAA compliant hosting within Amazon Web Service®.

Leading the charge to disrupt the multi-billion dollar medical record retrieval and review industry, Reveleer today announced the migration of their core infrastructure for their enterprise-class SaaS platform, Reveleer, to Amazon Web Services (AWS), in partnership with Datapipe, a Rackspace Company.

Reveleer is excited to leverage the AWS environment to expand its offerings in the government-sponsored health plan marketplace. Reveleer’s mission is to securely collect and code/abstract medical records on behalf of health insurance issuers, for Quality Improvement and Risk Adjustment initiatives. Reveleer’s migration to AWS allows new technologies, services and capabilities to be deployed quickly for its Reveleer platform, along with military-grade encryption.

Reveleer's transition to AWS began after an extensive search of managed service providers (MSPs), such as Datapipe, who are providing the same innovation in their field as Reveleer is achieving in the healthcare space. Datapipe’s model is well suited for Reveleer, as a rapidly-growing player in healthcare technology, by bringing to the table enhanced scalability of its computing needs inside of AWS's highly secure environment.

"Reveleer’s collaboration with Datapipe and AWS will allow us to accelerate our pace of innovation, while providing peace of mind that our solutions are secure and scalable," said Jay Ackerman, CEO of Reveleer. "We are proud to partner with Datapipe to help us navigate the ever-changing world of the cloud, development operations, and security."

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Reveleer is a healthcare software and services company that empowers payers in all lines of business to take control over their risk adjustment and quality improvement programs. The Reveleer platform enables payers to independently execute and manage every aspect of provider outreach, retrieval, coding, abstraction and reporting – all under one single platform. Leveraging its technology, proprietary data sets, and subject matter expertise, Reveleer also assists payers with full record retrieval and review services to support financial performance and improved member outcomes.