Our leadership team has been thinking about 2018 and is excited to put some learnings and new ideas to work as we turn the page and enter the new year. We’re excited to share our resolutions with you. Feel free to post back and share your own with the hashtag #StartOfSomethingNew.


At Health Data Vision, Inc., we regularly reflect on successes, shortcomings, and opportunities. Resolutions are a natural reflection of it. We wish you all success in making changes (large and small) that allow you to pursue the path that brings you joy.

Make 2019 A Year To Remember.

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Reveleer is dedicated to empowering health plans to be in control of their medical record retrieval and review initiatives. We provide Medicare Advantage, Medicaid and Commercial ACA health plans with an enterprise-grade, SaaS platform for Risk Adjustment, Quality Improvement, and Audit initiatives. Customers can manage projects completely in-house using their own resources, as a full-service customer, or using a collaborative model.