RAF Total Capture

A streamlined process to identify suspects, and in minutes launch interventions to meet RAF requirements. 

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 RAF Total Capture offers integrated smart HCC analytics to target the right members, powerful reporting, and a complete Risk Adjustment submissions solution.

A fully integrated solution for Risk Adjustment

RAF Total Capture is fully integrated in the Reveleer Platform. Health plans can build their project workflow according to their needs, and benefit from integrated technology including NLP, OCR, and Intelligent Automation.

An end-to-end Risk Adjustment solution:

  • Detect suspect missing diagnoses codes from historical encounter data

  • Develop member level suspect lists of missing diagnoses codes and coding errors

  • Manage diagnoses from both qualified and unqualified sources, including claims data, pharmacy encounters, and chart audits

  • Calculate RAF scores based on varied collection and cut off dates

  • Manage your EDPS submission, including error solution and discrepancy management

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RAF Total capture offers an integrated solution for HCC analytics, suspect list creation, retrieval, coding and submissions - all in one integrated software: The Reveleer Platform.    

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Health plans can increase success of their programs by up to 50% by taking control over their record retrieval and review activities and ensuring a higher accuracy is met.



Fully integrated in the Reveleer Platform to examine all source data to identify suspects, launch interventions, analyze RAF, and submit.

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Leverage a platform that offers AI, NLP and Intelligent Automation to ensure a highly accurate submission.



Build the workflow that best suits your needs. Have an analytics solution but need help with the rest? No problem.