BY HHS-RADV Lessons Learned Webinar

HRADV-IVA Services 

Why Reveleer:

  • Experts in IVA since the program inception, currently on our 6th IVA season
  • No outsourcing: all functionality in-house
  • 100% transparency throughout the entire audit​
  • Strong program management with advisory/consultative approach​
  • Multi-channel document approach to maximize record retrieval and minimize provider abrasion
  • Service Model Flexibility: Retrieval, coding/auditing & program management​

Reveleer offers the tools, processes, and analytics to maintain and potentially optimize revenue while also mitigating risks and problems that may otherwise surface during a RADV audit.

  • Health plans retain an IVA Entity such as Reveleer to perform the IVA. We have been assisting health plans with RADV services and guiding them through a successful audit for many years
  • Ability to support RADV response efforts for both clients who use Reveleer already (with many members and medical records already in the system and ready to be reviewed, prioritized, and submitted), as well as clients who can leverage Reveleer for the RADV response effort to great effect
  • Comprehensive RADV options that assist clients in both assessing the effectiveness of its Risk Adjustment programs and to evaluate their preparedness for various government and regulatory audits

Reveleer for HRADV-IVA Services


Why Reveleer for HRADV-IVA?

  • HRADV-IVA Expertise – Our team boasts the knowledge and leadership from a HRADV senior official, Program Managers, and Retrieval & Clinical Operations teams.
  • Transparency, Collaboration, Communication – Reveleer shares the process and outcomes for full transparency throughout the Audit Life Cycle and Audit Findings.
  • Project & Program Management – Trust in our expert management to draft and execute project plans & timelines.
  • Technology – The Reveleer Platform is built with machine learning, intelligent software, automated communication and more.