Maximize HEDIS Success - Learn From the Best!

  • Reveleer is now offering NCQA auditor approved hybrid and state-specific HEDIS training materials. These materials include:
  • NCQA auditor approved hybrid and state-specific HEDIS training materials
    Training charts to augment training materials
  • RR testing environment that produces auditor-ready results based on measure / numerator events

Why Choose Reveleer's HEDIS Abstraction Training?

  • To streamline and strengthen the hybrid training process
  • Be confident in Abstractors’ capabilities and their understanding of HEDIS Hybrid Tech Specs
  • Materials were created by HEDIS Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) with decades of HEDIS experience
  • Submission ready materials for auditor review
  • Web-based IRR testing environment that provides immediate IRR results that can be submitted to NCQA auditors
  • Allows focus on HEDIS readiness

How Will Training Be Provided?

Reveleer will host a "Train the Trainer" webinar that covers the Hybrid Training Materials, the IRR testing process, how to assign charts, and how to generate IRR results. The IRR testing process has three tiers, providing three opportunities for success, with 5 charts in each tier of NCQA measures. IRR results will be generated in a format suitable for NCQA Auditor submission. Results include the overall IRR score, IRR score by measure, and IRR score by Abstractor.

Train the Trainer webinar

  • Training on materials
  • Training on IRR testing process / assignment generate IRR results

IRR testing process

  • Three tier – three opportunities for success 5 charts in each tier for NCQA measures
  • IRR results – overall IRR score. IRR score by measure, by Abstractor
  • Suitable format for NCQA Auditor