Clinical Improvement

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Uncovering Opportunities to Improve Patient Care

Today's healthcare landscape demands proactive care delivery, but data is fragmented across many stops within a patient's healthcare journey. To succeed, providers need a patient-centric view into all known clinical data to eliminate blind spots when patients seek care outside of the visibility of their PCP. Reveleer's Clinical Improvement solution bridges this gap, empowering providers to identify care gaps, deliver exceptional care, and achieve better patient outcomes.

Reveleer’s Clinical Improvement ingests and enhances existing clinical documentation while tapping into real-time clinical data from outside the provider's network to uncover undiagnosed conditions, comorbidities or chronic disease state specificity. Our end-to-end solution surfaces clinical insights reviewed and approved directly in care delivery workflows in a few clicks, with links to the medical charts that support the suspected diagnosis. By driving insights to the point of care, Reveleer allows providers to focus on treating patients.

See how Reveleer helped a rapidly growing ACO expand value-based care with Reveleer.

Patient Insights at the Point of Care

Clinical Data Collection
Real-time access to clinical information outside the provider’s data network.

Identify Suspected Diagnoses
Early detection leads to timely interventions and improved care quality.

Informed Care Decisions
Gain valuable insights to personalize treatment plans and close gaps in care delivery.

+80% Data Coverage
Gain a comprehensive view of patient health with clinical insights from diverse sources outside of existing data sources or EHR data silos.

Workflow Automation

Patient Insights in Provider Workflows
Get concisely summarized clinical indicators with supporting clinical evidence integrated directly into the EHR for efficiency.

5x Increase in Clinical Coding Productivity
Our clinical documentation UX streamlines tasks, freeing up valuable time for patient interaction.

The Reveleer Difference

Advanced Clinical Data Integration
Access pertinent information from various sources, ensuring you have the necessary data for informed decisions.

Proactive Diagnosis Identification
Catch conditions that might otherwise be missed with our advanced algorithms.

Real-time Data Access
Seamless EHR integration ensures access to up-to-date clinical information for timely decisions.

Seamless Communication
Foster collaboration and a more comprehensive view of patient health with smooth data exchange between providers.

Bi-Directional API Integration
Seamlessly integrate with your existing EHR system, making care gap closure actionable within your workflow.

Transform Care Delivery Today!

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