NLP-Driven Overread for Quality Review




Manual reviews are a time-consuming process that does not provide the agility and assurance HEDIS® audits demand from health plans. This is where the power of NLP can help.

With Reveleer's NLP-Driven HEDIS® Overread solution, you can increase accuracy of each HEDIS® gap and perform 100% overread in a matter of minutes.


In our downloadable quick facts sheet, you'll learn:

  • Our application and processes for NLP and Intelligent Automation technology

  • The key components and benefits of our solution


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HEDIS screens

Additional benefits of our solution include:

  • Reduce manual review and increase productivity by 50% to focus on member care and other key initiatives
  • Our NLP-Enabled HEDIS® Overread will provide results for a full match, partial match or no match with 97% confidence
  • The primary overreader will be able to see results and agree or disagree with the findings within a simple user interface