Q&A with Operations Expert, Rita Young, who has overseen 18 HEDIS seasons

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We will share a new, collaborative business model for HEDIS medical record review and retrieval.  Our cloud-hosted software enables health plans to facilitate record retrieval, workflows for abstractions, provide over-read, as well as, secondary client over-read of records.  During the interview with our COO, Rita Young will share her thoughts on HEDIS 2017, including learnings and insights, and then what’s in store for 2018.  Rita will also share tangible examples of how HDVI empowers health plans and positively impacts relationships with medical providers. Our CEO, Jay Ackerman, will be hosting the interview.

During the interview, we will discuss:

  • Why a collaborative business model is a compelling alternative over traditional models
  • How this model increases your control and bridges the gap between a fully in-house solution and a fully outsourced vendor
  • How MRCS is changing the way that health plans approach the HEDIS hybrid season and HEDIS off-season projects

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