Welcome to the Value-Based Healthcare Podcast, Season2: New Frontiers where today we are joined by Amy Gleason, Chief Product Officer of Russell Street Ventures, Main Street Health, and Care Bridge. Amy has an extensive background in healthcare and technology, having previously worked at the United States Digital Service, where she led the creation of the National Covid database.

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Key Takeaways

  • Amy Gleason's Background and Career Journey (01:32)

    Amy discusses her work at Russell Street Ventures, a VC innovator focusing on value-based care for vulnerable populations. She highlights its two portfolio companies, Care Bridge Health and Main Street Health, which bring value-based care services to the Medicaid population and rural communities, respectively.

  • Meeting Brad Smith and Working at the White House (06:12)

    Amy shares her experience working at the White House on the National Covid Task Force and meeting Brad Smith, CEO of Russell Street Ventures. They connected over shared values and a desire to tackle complex problems in healthcare.

  • Shared Principles and Beliefs (08:35)

    Amy emphasizes the importance of prioritizing the most important needs for those who need them the most and doing it quickly but effectively. This approach drives her work in   value-based healthcare.

  • Future of Value-Based Healthcare (09:45)

    Amy predicts that value-based care will continue to grow in Medicare and Medicaid but may be slower to gain traction in the commercial sector. She discusses the roles that Russell Street Ventures and its portfolio companies play in advancing               value-based care.

  • Challenges in Adopting Value-Based Care Models (12:20)

    Amy identifies the main challenges providers face in adopting value-based care models, including transitioning from volume-based to value-based care and managing the financial aspects of value-based care.

  • Measuring Effectiveness and Continuous Improvement (14:55)

    Amy explains how Main Street Health and Care Bridge measure the effectiveness of their value-based care initiatives, focusing on improving access to care, quality scores, and patient satisfaction while reducing costs.

  • Success Stories from Healthcare Providers (17:05)

    Amy shares success stories from healthcare providers who have implemented value-based care programs, highlighting the benefits for both providers and patients. These successes include better access to care, improved quality measures, and stronger patient-provider relationships.

In this podcast, Amy Gleason has given us valuable insights into her career journey, the future of value-based healthcare, and the challenges and successes faced by providers in adopting value-based care models. As the industry continues to evolve, Russell Street Ventures and its portfolio companies are at the forefront of driving innovation and improving healthcare outcomes for vulnerable populations.

About The Author

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