AI-Assisted Abstraction Increases Productivity for Quality Teams

GLENDALE, Calif. – October 18, 2022 – Today Reveleer, a healthcare technology company using intelligent automation to empower data‑driven healthcare for payers in all lines of business, announced the launch of NLP First Pass for Quality, an Artificial Intelligence (AI)‑assisted abstraction solution for health plans and risk‑bearing providers nationwide. NLP First Pass for Quality supports improved quality program performance using proprietary AI technology, including Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML). These advanced technologies automate, accelerate, and improve clinical data abstraction while reducing errors, inefficiencies, and program costs.

Accurate and complete clinical data abstraction is vital for health plan and provider quality measure performance and Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS) submission, one of healthcare’s most widely used performance improvement tools. Yet, many organizations rely on time‑consuming, inefficient, expensive, and error‑prone manual review processes.

Reveleer's NLP First Pass for Quality solves manual process problems with proprietary technology that automates data abstraction and uses NLP and ML advanced technologies to derive meaning from medical records. NLP reads and understands all the complexities and nuances of natural narrative text, extracting value from unstructured data. NLP for Quality improves operational efficiencies, making the abstractor’s job easier and improving productivity by 250 percent over a manual process.

"Reveleer is shifting the paradigm for AI,” said Jay Ackerman, CEO and President of Reveleer. “NLP First Pass for Quality functions like a virtual quality team member by reliably presenting the most relevant clinical evidence to abstractors. This data curation allows the team to spend less time reviewing medical records and entering data and more time focused on closing care gaps that require deeper review – critical work for improving patient outcomes.”

Central to the NLP First Pass for Quality solution is its AI‑driven Evidence Validation Engine (EVE), which appropriately measures quality and cost performance. EVE automates clinical record review, parsing and validating medical record events, then automatically populating data entry fields with the correct values by measure for consideration by the abstractor. NLP First Pass for Quality delivers accurate data and clinical insights to abstractors from within the medical record, making their job easier and more efficient with a fast‑processing speed of only 10 minutes from data ingestion to the abstractor.

Reveleer began its Machine Learning journey in 2018 by introducing its Chart Processing technology and recently introduced version 2.0 of its AI‑enhanced Risk Adjustment solution. Reveleer will feature NLP First Pass for Quality in their booth at the RISE HEDIS and Quality Improvement Summit in Miami on October 25 and 26.


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Reveleer is a healthcare software and services company that uses Machine Learning and Intelligent Automation technology to empower health plans across all business lines with control over their Quality Improvement and Risk Adjustment programs. With one transformative solution, the Reveleer platform allows plans to independently execute and manage every aspect of provider outreach and data retrieval, coding, abstraction, and reporting. Leveraging proprietary technology, robust data sets, and subject matter expertise, Reveleer provides complete record retrieval and review services so health plans can confidently plan and execute risk adjustment programs that deliver more value and improved outcomes. To learn more about Reveleer, please visit



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Reveleer is a healthcare software and services company that empowers payers in all lines of business to take control over their risk adjustment and quality improvement programs. The Reveleer platform enables payers to independently execute and manage every aspect of provider outreach, retrieval, coding, abstraction and reporting – all under one single platform. Leveraging its technology, proprietary data sets, and subject matter expertise, Reveleer also assists payers with full record retrieval and review services to support financial performance and improved member outcomes.