Reveleer is a SaaS company first. Our philosophy is to provide our clients with an unrivaled software platform that provides the functionality, scalability, real-time analytics, flexibility, and security that allow health plans to quickly launch, monitor and manage critical initiatively around medical records review and analysis. Our Medical Record Collection System (MRCS) platform allows our customers to select the solutions optimally suited for their needs without compromising on features, visibility, and results. 

While our workflow platform is built on a modern, services-oriented architecture, operated and managed by a talented IT team, it is our #1 priority to have all our activities driven by our customers’ most important needs. Our solutions utilize superior processes and specialized tools which address the needs for volume, speed, quality, and visibility. 

Our ability to produce the best possible results for our clients is driven by three key factors: people, process, and technology. 


PEOPLE: Probably the most important factor in our solution is people. Whether they are our staff or the customers', the results are only as good as the work performed by well qualified and trained people. 

PROCESS: The predictable, timely, and consistent delivery of quality results for large volumes of medical records requires a well-defined, well executed, and flexible process. 

TECHNOLOGY: To automate steps, coordinate them, capture relevant data and povide real-time reporting and alerts, a strong, well-integrated, reliable, and scalable system is needed. 


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