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HEDIS Elites focus on improving performance on HEDIS indicators throughout the year and across the organization. During this webinar we will talk about the hallmarks of these high performers, the benefits of year-round chart review, and other valuable activities that can position your organization for success in 2019.

  1. Get out of the gate faster on day one of your HEDIS campaign
  2. Mine your data to gain intelligence on how providers in your network performed last year and opportunities to help less cooperative locations be more open and ready for HEDIS
  3. Provide retrieval teams with richer information about your members' claims history, up-front at the time of scheduling
  4. Prioritize and focus off-season retrieval to maximize supplemental data opportunities



Mike Curran, Vice President of Quality/HEDIS
Mike Curran has worked in Managed Care for 25 years and brings extensive management and operations experience to HDVI, as well as proven ability to build high performing, results-focused teams. Mike joined HDVI in 2013 with responsibility for operations. As he became increasingly involved in business development, he saw a need for dedicated leadership to drive Quality/HEDIS® initiatives, working with health plans to achieve measurable improvements in metrics, such as Star Ratings.

Prior to joining HDVI, he came from United Healthcare where he was the National Director for Clinical Performance Improvement, and built a national HEDIS reporting and improvement program that served all UHC markets. Before UHC, Mike was the Director of Policy with NCQA where he was actively involved in measure specification development and provided consultative support to the Audit and Software licensure programs at NCQA. 




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