The Hot New Risk Adjustment Trend of 2020: DIY




In the old days, taking control of your risk adjustment programs meant reviewing even more dashboards, and more reports to ensure nothing was missing – while multiple vendors still maintained actual control of your outcomes. Those days are over.

What if you could make a huge difference by bringing a subset (or all) of your record review in-house? Think it’s complicated?

Perhaps you always wanted to try it, perhaps you are already doing it and have not seen great success. This webinar will teach you how to implement a record review process in-house to make 2020 the year you took control of your Risk Adjustment results – and succeeded.



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Questions we will answer:

  • Why to bring record review in-house?
  • How to start bringing record review in-house
  • How does an internal team look like?
  • How to work with your vendors to expand capabilities?

Who should watch:

  • VP of Government Programs
  • Directors and Managers of Risk Adjustment
  • Risk Adjustment analysts

Meet Our Webinar Presenter

Melissa Rector

Director, Risk Adjustment Programs

Melissa’s unique combination of experience in medical coding, consulting, education and
management has made her an invaluable asset in the medical coding industry at a national level. With over 22 years in health care, she has extensive experience with organizational process development and
management provided to high profile Risk Adjustment Data Validation Audits (HHS-IVA-RADV, MA RADV & OIG), Prospective and Retrospective Services, Revenue Management, Home Health Assessment Services and various medical coding projects.

Melissa Rector