NLP for Prospective Review and Gap Closure:

The Path to Optimal Quality Improvement Performance Using Natural Language Processing (NLP)




Improving HEDIS® rates shouldn’t just be a HEDIS® “off-season” activity. Health plans should be analyzing HEDIS® performance levels and trends right now to determine where to focus Prospective Review and Gap Closure efforts.

Our downloadable eBook helps health plans:

• Identify strategies for prioritizing which measures to focus efforts on

• Strategies for identifying and correcting documentation errors that lead to under-reported HEDIS® measure compliance

• Effective strategies for patient and provider engagement activities to close care gaps impacting HEDIS® scores

We encourage Quality Directors and Managers to review the report, as well as any executives responsible for HEDIS® and STAR Ratings improvement.

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Who should read:

  • Directors and Managers of Quality Improvement
  • Executives of HEDIS® and STAR Ratings Improvement