Jumpstart Your HEDIS® Season




This webinar will provide you with clear steps for how to jumpstart your HEDIS® programs in 2021-2022 and ensure your health plan is best positioned to execute during a time-sensitive window.

We will cover aspects related to People, Processes and Technology.

Who should attend?
All professionals members of quality improvement and HEDIS teams including Specialists, Analysts, Supervisors, Managers, Senior Managers, Directors, Senior Directors, Vice Presidents and SVP’s.

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About Reveleer

Reveleer is the platform for health plans to manage their Risk Adjustment and Quality Programs end-to-end. The Platform offers NLP technology applied to coding, abstraction, and automated intake of medical records from multiple sources.

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Meet Our Webinar Presenter

Elissa Toder

Vice President, Quality Improvement Strategy

& Solutions

Elissa has worked in Managed Care for 16 years. She is the former Staff Vice President of Quality Improvement Strategy at Centene, focusing on all lines of business, HEDIS improvement and vendor management. Prior to Centene, she spent 15 years at WellCare Health Plans where she ran Quality Improvement programs.

elissa toder