As Risk Adjustment policy changes are requiring Payers to focus resources that impact the timing of revenue rewards and penalties, processes like medical record review (MRR) are becoming even more critical.  Payers are deciding between building in-house applications or outsourcing to external service providers. Not any more…

We will share our unique approach as a collaborative Risk Adjustment partner, using our MRCS SaaS platform.  We will also share lessons learned from our market survey and how HDVI is identifying market trends and addressing the market's ever changing requirements.


During the webinar, we will discuss:

  • How your peers are doing their medical record retrieval and review today, from a national survey that HDVI conducted with Medicare and Commercial groups
  • Discuss transitioning from complete service provider dependency to collaborative or self-service MRR
  • Identify workflows to avoid overpayments, enable revenue opportunities and help with GAP closures
  • Share our strategy to eliminate the increasing costs from third-party chart collection vendors

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